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Seeking Professional Help For RAID Repair

March 2nd, 2014 No comments

sphfrrRAID or redundant array of independent disks is a set of hard drives that is incorporated in the computer system in order to reduce the chance of data loss. RAID repair is often necessary whenever this hard drives are not functioning well or if it has been affected by certain calamities like fire, flood, earthquakes and so on. Restoring the lost files is quite difficult to accomplish, especially if you are not a computer expert. Some people really attempt a RAID repair because they think it can be easier for them to recover the files. However, positive outcomes are not expected at all times. Once you start pressing any button, there is no turning back. If you fail to enter the necessary commands, it will not make the repair possible. Thus, it is highly recommended to seek professional help when the RAID system is corrupted.

An experienced computer technician will automatically assess the severity of the condition and try to fix it with the basic solutions. If damages are severe, he will perform a number of solutions or tests to completely repair the redundant array of independent disks. Most of the time, expert computer technicians are successful with any RAID repair.

Who Can Recover Promise RAID Arrays?

Right now, the Promise brand of RAID hard drives are working on a new and improved way to recovery their RAID 5 arrays. They want the next improvement to be about the privacy of the files and folders in the hard drive. There are a lot of instances where the hidden folders become exposed after they are recovered but most of the time, file recovery fails and this is on other thing that frustrates the users. That is why they are urging the creators of RAID to create a better version of recover promise RAID because privacy is what most people need.

The RAID is currently working on an improvement for this that focuses on the customer’s privacy where the hidden folders will remain hidden even after recovering the files. The only way for you to tell if the hidden file is in, there is to view the properties and change the visibilities. However, this kind of improvement is still not developed and the Promise RAID Company is currently working on this. If ever they develop this, this maintenance system will most probably be RAID 6 in the close future. Although, the users with the latest RAID hard drive version (RAID 5) will not be able to use the new version (if ever there will be new improved maintenance system soon).

How Do We Prevent Having To Use RAID 5 Recovery And Losing Files?

In this article, you will learn how you can prevent file corruption since RAID 5 recovery isn’t installed in most times. One thing that causes file corruption is unplugging the USB (universal serial bus) connector without ejecting it. If you simply unplug the connector without ejecting, then you might need RAID 5 recovery in the future since you can expect your files to be corrupted. Ejecting the connector is safe to do all the time since it make sure all the files you have opened in the desktop or laptop will be closed or unused before you remove the hard drive from connection.

Another reason why the hard drive gets corrupted is when it becomes infested by viruses. This occurs when the user does not scan the hard drive or the laptop (or desktop) for any virus before plugging it in or connecting it via USB cable. There are different types of viruses that cling onto one file to another. When a virus infests a folder or a file, there is a possibility that you will never retrieve the corrupted files. Most viruses do that. While it is slowly spreading, it eats the file, making it corrupted, until the whole hard drive is filled with virus and the files are no longer accessible.